Personal interest


Joe Hess

I live in Mount Joy Pennsylvania with my Wife and two children.  I work in Healthcare as a Nurse and teach as an Adjunct Professor.  I take pictures every day and many do not ever see the light of day, beyond my own eyes.  I want to share my photography journey and inspire others along the way.



As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by art and photography.  I remember my mother carrying around an old Nikon film camera, a source of inspiration although I always joke that my mom who is an artist couldn't take a good photo.  I carried around a point and shoot camera before everyone had cameras in their pockets.  I am inspired by the world around me and capturing the present moments.


Learning Everyday

Learning everyday is important to me. I created this site to keep me learning and to expand my expertise in the world of photography.  Over time I cannot predict what will happen but I can only dream. So here is to the future and great things ahead.